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Kabrita wins product of the year award 2020 Gulf Region

Kabrita, goat milk infant formula, has won the Product of the Year award in the Gulf Region this year. A great achievement, because products from over  45 countries worldwide compete for this award. The Product of the Year election has been held for more than 30 years to help guide consumers to the best products in their market. But the prize is also awarded to reward manufacturers for quality and innovation.

Expert panel
Kabrita has been on the nomination shortlist for this election in previous years, but was awarded first prize this year in two stages. In the first stage, products are judged by a panel of experts. Kabrita Infant Formula achieved the highest score of all nominated baby foods.

Consumer favourite
Kabrita also did very well in the second stage. In this stage all nominated products were assessed by consumers from countries like Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Consumers assessed the various baby foods by a survey conducted by research agency Nielsen. The results of this study showed that Kabrita is the public’s favourite.

Product of the Year
The combination of these two scores ensures that Kabrita can carry the title of Product of the Year 2020 in the baby food category in the Middle East. We are very proud of this achievement, which fits in well with our commitment to nourish life and growth by offering high quality nutritional choices worldwide.