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The effect of goat milk oligosaccharides on infant intestinal microbiota

Our recent oligosaccharide study investigated the effects of the natural mixture of gMOS on infant intestinal microbiota compared to single synthetic oligosaccharides. This study showed that our natural mixture of gMOS stimulates Parabacteroides and to lesser extent Bacteroides. Unlike 2’-FL and GOS, gMOS consist of a mixture of complex structures like the mixture of oligosaccharides in human milk and has a high percentage of sialylated oligosaccharides (~80%). Bacteroides and Parabacteroides are present in healthy breastfed infants microbiota and are known degraders of complex sugars and prefer sialylated hMOS. This presence of Bacteroides and Parabacteroides was also observed in infants fed goat milk infant formula. These results are in line with a recent consensus paper stating that a complex mixture oligosaccharides does not lead to a similarity with a single synthetic oligosaccharide.

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