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Ausnutria acknowledges that breastfeeding is the best way to feed infants aged 0-6 months and supports prolonging breastfeeding to 24 months (two years old).

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New data about the effect of goat milk oligosaccharides on infant intestinal microbiota

In collaboration with TNO, we presented our newest data at Probiotics, Prebiotics, Postbiotics in Pediatrics congress a few weeks ago. This study showed that our natural mixture of gMOS stimulates Parabacteroides and to lesser extent Bacteroides. Unlike 2’-FL and GOS, gMOS consist of a mixture of complex structures like the mixture of oligosaccharides in human milk and …

Our newest Goat milk infant formula data @ESPGHAN

Last week we attended the ESPGHAN conference, where we presented our recent clinical data about Kabrita and goat milk infant formula. Our present data demonstrate that the Goat milk formula supports healthy growth, shows a good tolerability and is safe in use in infants from birth onwards. We also show that infants fed goat milk …

Kabrita is safe and supports healthy growth

We aimed to determine the growth and safety parameters in newborns fed a goat milk based infant formula (Kabrita) using a randomized double-blind trial, in which a cow milk formula served as a control and a breast fed group as a reference. Healthy term infants (n=304) aged up to 14 days old were recruited from …

Kabrita formula scores significantly better on overall sensory characteristics compared to cow’s milk formula

Sensory analyses were performed by an independent expert panel. The results show that Kabrita formula scores significantly better on overall sensory characteristics compared to cow’s milk formula. Kabrita scores twice as high on overall sensory quality, has significantly more milky taste and significant less off-flavours. These findings support the gentleness of Kabrita.

A new infant study: Kabrita goat milk formula reduces gastrointestinal discomfort faster than a cow’s milk formula

In collaboration with dr. A. López Escobar (HM Hospitales, Madrid, Spain), Ausnutria’s research team performed a study in infants with mild gastro-intestinal discomfort. The study showed that Kabrita significantly reduced the discomfort in these infants after two weeks. Infants using Kabrita showed a faster reduction of discomfort than infants using a cow’s milk formula. Moreover, the study …