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Ausnutria acknowledges that breastfeeding is the best way to feed infants aged 0-6 months and supports prolonging breastfeeding to 24 months (two years old).

A new infant study: Kabrita goat milk formula reduces gastrointestinal discomfort faster than a cow’s milk formula

In collaboration with dr. A. López Escobar (HM Hospitales, Madrid, Spain), Ausnutria’s research team performed a study in infants with mild gastro-intestinal discomfort. The study showed that Kabrita significantly reduced the discomfort in these infants after two weeks. Infants using Kabrita showed a faster reduction of discomfort than infants using a cow’s milk formula. Moreover, the study demonstrated that the parents of the infants using Kabrita had a significantly improved quality of life after two weeks. More information can be found here

Poster Comiss study